Tiger Cat which is also known as Leopardus Tigrinus, is a small spotted felid that is commonly found in tropical rainforest. This animal is naturally seen in Central and South America. This type of cat has close similarities with two other types of cat which are Ocelot and Margay. The specific characteristics in its fur […]

Many different types of cat have different color, appearance, and personality. If you want to adopt a cat you should understand what types of cat that you like to have. If you consider having a cat based on their appearance, you need to consider having a Tabby. This cat is a domestic cat covered with […]

There are a lot of cat types. One of the cat that can be categorized as rare breed cat is Snowshoe. This type of cat is a medium Siamese cat which originated from Victorian era or in the 1890s. This cat is a well-proportioned cat that is firm and muscular. The appearance of this cat […]

Some of you whether a cat lover or not could really be confused when you are dealing with the term Siamese/Tabby type of cat. Is it really a particular breed or type of cat out there? Is it a particular type of exotic cat? Well, to start with, Siamese cat is a specific type of […]

Some of you especially who are not a huge fan of cats might not be familiar with the variety of cat known as Russian Blue. That term is really a name of a particular type of cat. This type of cat has a unique characteristic of having its colors in various shades from light shale […]