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Beverly McFarland Appointed IMG Bankruptcy Trustee in Wannakuwatte Case

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The Wannakuwatte bankruptcy cases are both now under the supervision of Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustees. As we reported last week, Deepal Wannakuwatte’s personal bankruptcy is being handled by Hank Spacone, a Sacramento CPA with a deep background of administering similar liquidations and reorganizations. Now we can also confirm that Rocklin-based Beverly N. McFarland, a consultant… Continue Reading

TD Bank Hit Again Over Rothstein Ponzi

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Though Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein’s $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme may have imploded in 2009, its fallout continues to reach the headlines with regularity. In the latest news, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) has agreed to hand over another $52 million to the US government for facilitating the white-collar con that rocked South Florida and earned… Continue Reading

“General” Offered Fantasy Millions

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A businessman in St. George, UT, was indicted on Wednesday over a $10 million investment fraud. Edmund Edward Wilson, 69, faces 32 counts of wire fraud and money laundering in US District Court for allegedly running a bogus real estate finance program. The SEC had previously filed a civil action against Wilson in March of… Continue Reading

Accused Scammers Propped Up Dead Resort Project

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Two Long Island men have been indicted on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud in what federal prosecutors say was a $96 million Ponzi scheme. Brian Raymond Callahan, 43, and his brother-in-law Adam Manson, 41, are alleged to have operated a complex investment scam that ensnared at least 40 victims. The pair will… Continue Reading

Rothstein Victims to be Fully Reimbursed

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In a turn of events that could hardly have been foreseen when Scott Rothstein’s monster scam was exposed in late 2009, its victims will be fully reimbursed in accordance with an agreement reached in court last week. Rothstein, the flashy Fort Lauderdale lawyer who flushed $1.4 billion down a golden toilet of bogus “structured settlements,”… Continue Reading

Usury Claims in Doubt in CA Ponzi Clawback Case

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In July and August 2012, bankruptcy Trustee Michael Burkart brought over one hundred clawback lawsuits in the underlying bankruptcy case In Re Vincent Thakur Singh, et al., U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of California, Case No. 10-42050, against nearly 200 people who were defrauded in an elaborate Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Vincent Singh.  The vast… Continue Reading

Kim Rothstein: Costume Queen in a Ponzi Scheme

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Kim Rothstein, the wife of convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, has had her sentencing delayed until June. The 39-year-old Mrs. Rothstein had earlier pleaded guilty in US District Court to money laundering conspiracy, witness tampering and obstruction. Scott Rothstein, the infamous Fort Lauderdale lawyer who engineered a mammoth $1.4 billion scam based on phony structured… Continue Reading

Swinger Political Operative Settles Rothstein Clawback Suit

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Roger Stone, the veteran Washington lobbyist sporting a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back, has reached a settlement with the trustee of convicted Ponzi mastermind Scott Rothstein’s bankruptcy. Sued for $400,000, the Republican strategist will end up paying just 4.5% of that amount at $18,000. Rothstein, a Fort Lauderdale attorney with a flair for easy… Continue Reading

Good Friday

Posted in Ponzi Analysis

As much as we at Hackard Law enjoy pointing out the more ridiculous aspects of Ponzi schemes, their dark side is also readily apparent. Along with other types of fraud, the Ponzi scheme is not just theft, for at its core is the lie. Deceit defines this crime, and it’s a tactic that allows scammers… Continue Reading

SCI Bankruptcy Trustee Files Adversary Clawback Lawsuit Against 114 Defendants: The Complaint And Its Exhibits Are Over 1800 Pages

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Hackard Law attorneys regularly represent plaintiffs and defendants in adversary cases, including clawbacks, in federal bankruptcy courts. The process of representation is often initiated by a preliminary review of our prospective client’s case. A part of this review is the use of the PACER online system (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) made available by… Continue Reading

Contingency Fees, Adversary Claims and Ponzi Cases

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The contingency fee system is a litigation reality unique to the United States. This system plays a significant role in the selection and prosecution of civil cases, including the prosecution of adversary claims against investors and/or victims of Ponzi schemes. While it is true that contingency fees can allow the poor and impoverished a “key… Continue Reading

Interview with Chuck Malkus, Author of The Ultimate Ponzi

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The Ultimate Ponzi The Scott Rothstein Story By Chuck Malkus. Illustrated. 250 pp. Pelican Publishing Company. $26.00. The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story is available for order at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.  *** Today Hackard Law interviews public relations executive and communications expert Chuck Malkus, author or The Ultimate Ponzi, a chronicle of… Continue Reading

Good Judgment Comes from Experience…

Posted in Ponzi Analysis

And experience comes from bad judgment. As news headlines attest every week, many people get burned by Ponzi schemes. There’s also an unwarranted assumption about victims of investment fraud: that they somehow deserved to get scammed, that they were stupid and greedy. Yet in a great number of cases, neither accusation is true. Let’s take… Continue Reading

CA Ponzi Scheme Featured FBI Impersonators

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Folsom, CA resident Anthony Vassallo has pleaded guilty to a charge of wire fraud in connection with an $83 million Ponzi scheme he ran from 2006 to 2009. Vassallo, 33, perpetrated the scam under the cover of a hedge fund known as Equity Investments Management and Trading (EIMT). A total of 300 victims were ensnared… Continue Reading

Alleged Ponzi Schemer was Day Trading Wizard

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Jack E. Brown of Soddy Daisy, TN, has been accused in federal bankruptcy court of running a $10 million Ponzi scheme through his tax planning business, Brown’s Tax Service. Brown used clients’ financial data to solicit some 50 investors for his supposed day-trading program. By playing the markets with the skill of a virtuoso, he… Continue Reading

Avoidance Actions against Investors in Ponzi Schemes: The Fundamentals Revisited

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U.S. District Judge David Godbey’s 32-page Order allowing the Receiver in the R. Allen Stanford Receivership Estate to “clawback,” or recover, all back interest payments paid to Stanford investors is a worthy read as a remedial lesson in the character of Ponzi-based clawback actions. Court-appointed receivers often file lawsuits or clawback actions against investors who were… Continue Reading

The International Bank of Wow

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Many people acquainted with Ponzi mastermind Scott Rothstein have noted that although he didn’t hail from Little Italy, he enjoyed playing up the stereotype. During his time gutting South Florida out of $1.4 billion, Rothstein assiduously cultivated the cartoon image of a mafia don. The outlandish suits, wise-guy demeanor, a taste for expensive prostitutes and… Continue Reading