Amidst many varieties of cat that you can find today is the so called Ragdoll breed. Have you ever heard of this type of cat before? It is a distinct variety of cat characterized by its blue eyes and also the so called colorpoint coat. Thus you may easily recognize Ragdoll cats among other types […]

If you are a fan of cats, surely you will be familiar with the so called Persian. This particular type of cat is a kind of long-haired breed type of cat having a decent characteristic of rounded face and also short muzzle. In different places this type of cat has different names. Persian Longhair cat […]

The munchkin cats are mostly distinctive for their short legged characteristic, which is the result of achondroplastic dwarfism, a natural genetic mutation which is similar to a mechanism that creates the short stature in canine breeds such as the Corgi and the Dachsunds. The name for munchkin cat itself is a tribute to the Munchkin […]

The mitten cat is one of nicknames for polydactyl cats, aside from conch cats, mitten-foot cats, boxing cats, six-fingered cats, Hemingway cats, and snowshoe cats. Polydactyl cats itself refer to those with polydactyly, polydactylism, or hyperdactyly, a congenital physical anomaly that causes the cats to be born with more number of toes than usual on […]

Originated from the Island of Man, cats of the Manx breed are mostly renowned for the distinctive lack of tail. Both of the original Manx cat and Manx kitten have short hair. The long haired gene, though, was said to be developed and introduced via Norwegian Forest Cats. By trade, cats of this breed is […]

The Maine Coon is the native American cat and was mentioned by the earliest colonist. Even so, the exact origin remains unclear. The Maine Coon cat is remarkable for its long and thick hair that naturally evolved to help survive the harsh winters, especially of the northeast coast. The cats of this breed are also […]

The Himalayan breed of cat is actually derived from the Persian. Cats of this breed are the result of attempts to create the colorpoint version of the original breed. The efforts of selective cross breeding of Siamese and Persian cats to produce Himalayan cat were taken place as early as the 1920s, before undertaken in […]

The ginger tabby does not refer to a single breed of cat. Instead, the ginger tabby cat refers to a certain coat pattern found on a cat. It is said that cats with this certain pattern and color have distinct personalities. Well, it can be true, though, since we all know how certain breeds of […]

The farm cat, which is also often referred as barn cat, is a domestic cat that is commonly of mixed breeds. The cats live primarily outdoors, either in a semi-feral or feral condition, more particularly on agricultural properties. They also usually shelter in outbuildings. The cats feed from assorted vermin, such as small animals and […]