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Clawbacks: A Visual Timeline

Making Our Legal Teams More Effective

Hackard Law is currently representing over sixty (60) clients in individual adversary proceedings pending against them in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of California. Over 130 adversary proceedings were brought by the court-appointed Chapter 7 Trustee against investors defrauded by Vincent Singh.[1] Responding to discovery for sixty plus defendants is not a simple task. That said there are economies of scale that apply well in identifying common issues of fact and law.

We regularly utilize visual thinking in prosecuting and defending cases. Group visualization helps to put our legal teams “on the same page.” Visualization is also helpful in understanding timelines and defenses that are dependent on or influenced by timelines. 

We have attached two examples of visualization that we find helpful in bankruptcy adversary proceedings brought against investors. These are only used as examples. Similar examples abound. Whatever visualization tools are utilized, they should help to identify problems, task time lines, identify and open up patterns of inquiry, and provide quick and easy points of reference when discussing complex issues.


I. Time Zones for Bankruptcy Preference and Fraudulent Transfers (PDF)
II. Time Zones for Bankruptcy Preference, Fraudulent Transfers and Stockbroker Safe Harbor (PDF)

[1] In re: Vincent Thakur Singh, et al, (Adversary Proceedings) 10-40250 (E.D.)