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Interview with Chuck Malkus, Author of The Ultimate Ponzi

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The Ultimate Ponzi The Scott Rothstein Story By Chuck Malkus. Illustrated. 250 pp. Pelican Publishing Company. $26.00. The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story is available for order at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.  *** Today Hackard Law interviews public relations executive and communications expert Chuck Malkus, author or The Ultimate Ponzi, a chronicle of… Continue Reading

The International Bank of Wow

Posted in Book Reviews, Ponzi Profiles

Many people acquainted with Ponzi mastermind Scott Rothstein have noted that although he didn’t hail from Little Italy, he enjoyed playing up the stereotype. During his time gutting South Florida out of $1.4 billion, Rothstein assiduously cultivated the cartoon image of a mafia don. The outlandish suits, wise-guy demeanor, a taste for expensive prostitutes and… Continue Reading

Book Review: Preference Defense Handbook, The Circuits Compared

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Deborah L. Thorne, Preference Defense Handbook, The Circuits Compared, American Bankruptcy Institute (Alexandria, VA., 2010), 178 pp. (paper). Preference Defense Handbook is helpful for lawyers whose practices have expanded into defending preference avoidance actions in bankruptcy cases. The wake of economic hardship brought on by the Great Recession has made preference litigation far more common…. Continue Reading